Created by Sindre Sorhus

The meta list that aggregates other awesome lists is here

The Awesome manifesto describes how / why to run a list - Comment on why something is awesome - Apart from suggesting a particular item on your list, you should also inform your readers why it’s on the list and how they will benefit from it. - Make it clear what the list is about - Have a succinct description at the top of your readme. Make sure your list covers a certain scope and nothing else. Link to other awesome lists if you think they already cover a certain subject well enough. - Pay attention to grammar - Ensure your list is grammatically correct, typo-free and has no Markdown formatting errors. This should also apply to pull requests. - Choose an appropriate license - Keep in mind that if you haven’t selected a license, it basically means the people are not allowed to reproduce, distribute or create derivative works. - Creative Commons licenses are perfect for this purpose. We would recommend CC0. Code licenses like MIT, BSD, GPL, and so forth are not recommended. - Include contribution guidelines - People who are contributing to your list should have a clear understanding of how they should do so. - If you don’t feel like writing one from scratch, feel free to take our and modify it to your own needs. - Stylize your list properly - Create a table of contents, organize the content into different categories, and use images if suitable. Ensure all entries are consistent (e.g. all entry descriptions end in a .). - Accept other people’s opinion - If you’re an owner of the list, respect other people’s opinion. If there are plenty of users not agreeing to your decision, give it a second thought.