Author John Borthwick

published:: Nov 17th, 2022

In August we launched an accelerator focussed on this and today we’re proud to announce the amazing cohort of nine companies we selected and invested in for our THINKCamp accelerator program.

The nine companies - Kosmik: The Spatial browser for Creators - Try Kosmik* | Founding team: Paul RonyChristophe Van Deputte - Second Voice: your artificially intelligent guide - Find your second voice | Founder: James Barnes - Startupy : A network for people in love with interesting ideas to curate and connect the best knowledge on the Internet. - Join the Startupy beta | Founding team: Sari AzoutGabriel Nessim - Subconscious: Transforming the whole internet into a Tool for Thought - Imagine a notebook. It’s your diary, your art practice, your novel, your scrapbook, your thesis, your stray ideas… maybe your lifework? - Your thinking about second brain *| *Founding team: Gordon Brander , Chris Joel - Softspace: An AR knowledge mapping tool — showing you the true shape of your ideas - SoftspaceARprototype 05 | Founding team: Yiliu Shen-Burke, Daniel Massey - Sane : A social tool for thought that combines personal knowledge management and publishing into a collective playground for thinkers. - Try the Infopunks Digital Garden | Founding team: Ida JosefiinaTiina Peuna - Fermat : A spatial canvas that augments traditional workflows using Generative AI. - Try Fermat *|*Founding team: Pol Baladas LunaOriol Domingo - Maestro: Keeping your team in sync with AI by synthesizing and summarizing what’s going on. - Sign up for beta | Founding team: William Cheng, *Justin Cranshaw - Gems A self-organizing whiteboard that clusters and connects sticky notes with AI. - Gems, no more lost ideas | Founding team: Lorenzo Bernaschina